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    Grief Creed by Arianna

    Fandoms: Assassin's Creed, 24 (TV), Fandom - Fandom

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    25 Jun 2016


    25 Jun 2016

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    At the library, he asked me to reserve “24.”
    Three seasons of the show where Jack Bauer diffuses bombs quickly.[...]
    he was seventy years old and three months into grieving[...]
    When I lost my father,
    I spent weeks playing through most of the Assassin’s Creed series[...]
    every building I scaled
    was a reminder to be strong enough[...]
    every Templar I killed was another thought of missing him[...]
    I wanted to tell the man
    that these are the first steps we take to syncronize with the past
    what do Assassins fight for beyond peace?
    What can Jack Bauer do?
    Diffuse the bombs in your chest.[...]
    I would personally write, direct, and perform a 24 fanfiction in his living room
    if it meant he could say goodbye