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    Draco's a hot mess. Harry's lovin' it (hell yes).


    25 Sep 2017

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    This is such an interesting story, basically covering some kids who are REALLY fucked up from the war, and from lifetimes of being the person everyone else thought they should be. Draco has found a way to redefine himself as the opposite of what he was, and the twin foundations of this new definition are Dirty and Wrong. Harry watches it happen in disbelief, but slowly comes to want that same thing, that reveling in dirty and wrong and shedding his old skin.

    The dialog is fantastic, in spite of the troubling material, the author is very funny.
    "Okay, well, Malfoy did this charm and the whole club filled up with foam."

    "Oh." Susan pocketed her wand. "Did anyone get hurt?"

    "No. It wasn't as though it was — it was like sea foam."

    "Oh." Susan thought about that. "Did anyone get wet?"

    Harry shook his head again. "Here's the thing. Malfoy was going around paying people to take off their clothes. He was probably drunk."


    Harry frowned. "Well, he didn't seem drunk."

    "But he wasn't forcing anyone to take off their clothes."

    "They were probably drunk too."

    "So there was sea foam and naked people and drunk people and drunk naked people in sea foam." Susan thought about that some more. "Did anyone have fun?"

    "What?" Harry climbed up the stairs from the basement, Susan following. "Having fun is not the point," he said, once they were at the top.

    Susan shrugged. "Why not? War's over."

    Harry had to keep reminding himself it was Malfoy. Draco Malfoy was going to fuck him, and suddenly he knew why Malfoy had kept saying that Harry Potter was fucking him when he was fucking him, because it was difficult to believe. It was difficult to believe that he was here, getting fingered up the arse by Draco Malfoy, getting the bed sopping wet for Draco Malfoy, slutty and completely skanked for Draco Malfoy.

    But it was also Draco Malfoy who was touching him very, very gently, making soft promises that were incredibly filthy and yet also somehow seemed careful, and very kind. Harry wondered whether it was just his warped brain that could make a Malfoy who only ever spoke in obscenities into someone who seemed to care.

    "Oh God," said Harry, as Malfoy delicately twisted his fingers inside him.

    "You'll be drenched for it, Harry," Malfoy said, lips moving across Harry's brow. "You'll be sopping for it, just like a whore; you'll see how it good it feels; it's going to be so good; it's going to be okay."