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    “You threw yourself in front of those creatures’ claws,” Shen Wei says, icily calm. He’s behind Zhao Yunlan now, still circling slowly.

    “You’re welcome!” Zhao Yunlan says, grinning. He strains against the thick, pulsing, gold-flecked rope of energy around his wrists, flexing a little to show off, canting his hips, because why the hell not, right? If the stage has been so obligingly set for him, then at least he can put on a show. The movement zings an unwelcome jolt of pain down his left side, and he sucks in a breath, but keeps the grin on his face as Shen Wei strides back into view again.


    23 Nov 2020

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    Zhao Yunlan doesn't want to be left untouched.

    He waits until Shen Wei is in front of him again, then sways toward him in a hopeful arc, making a little needy noise in his throat that he hadn't planned on at all.

    In response, Shen Wei does something he can't see, can only feel, that has his body moving in ways he has no control over. The pressure on his wrists and shoulders eases, and now he can see that there are more glowing ropes pulling his upper thighs apart, coiling around his upper arms, holding him up. Displaying him.

    Shen Wei is arranging him, as if Chu Shuzhi taught him some truly obscene tricks. Zhao Yunlan wouldn't put it past him: he's long suspected that Chu Shuzhi likes Guo Changcheng so much because he flails more like a puppet than a human being, and that's a trait that just begs to be exploited.

    "Pay attention," Shen Wei says, sharp, and Zhao Yunlan sucks in a breath as Shen Wei stalks toward him, steps in right between his spread legs and still doesn't fucking touch him, just lifts his slender hands like a conductor about to lay waste to a symphony orchestra.


    It hurts and it feels so, so good and trust Shen Wei to do everything in the wrong order: first tie him up, then start the worst couple fight they've had yet, then slice his clothes off, and then just stand there and heal him to death.

    But what a way to go: the sizzling heat of healing runs up his leg, up his thigh, inching over the sensitive skin at his waistline, tickling between each rib, and he twists against the ropes, making all kinds of noises.