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    This part one of Stu and Burt fanfic series
    The One, The Right, The Chosen
    The one starts is more alternative take the first episode of weird city Most of it will be in Burt's point of view since we didn't much of his side in the episode and I want to show that in this as well as adding some scenes like the sex they had the first time a couple more dates them moving in together then getting engaged and Married the first time. Them separating but showing Burt point of view more than stu's then ending with my extended verison of their screw science reunion
    The Right will be continuing after their screw science reunion stu and Burt sue the one that's the one for invading the constitutional rights and restate their marriage.
    The Chosen stu wants burts child after having a heart attack nearly dying but makes a recovery. Burt is not to keen having children self conscious about his age and feeling scared. Then they met Amy a runway foster child running away fro her real mother who wants her back but amy doesn't want nothing to with her thanks to Burt she lives with Them about a month of caring and loving her they want to adopt her. But they can't due the mother and other legal issues that stand in their way