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    This is barely counts as fan fiction, there's not really a fandom for a character from a SONG. And yet here it is. Something I wrote a few years back, which I'm posting now because I have writers block. Credit to "Skipper Dan," by Weird Al Yankovic.


    Single mom Sharon has never been out west before, and she's not really a fan of Disneyland. But her kids want to go, her parents offer to help, and the writing is on the wall. She's not expecting a great time, and she's certainly not expecting romance--but then she meets Dan, former actor and current Adventureland employee, and after one spontaneous date she finders herself on a very different sort of ride than she bargained for. And despite heading back to her home state a few days later, it's a ride she can't seem to get off. It's the start of something big, and it's a lot scarier than any rollercoaster.