Shiro of Tagami

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    Meet Josh, he's a god of Tagami. At least, he is now. 80 years ago, he was just any normal human, like you and that guy over there. That changed when he met Shiro, the local god.

    Now, he's a god, and he's married to the love of his life. What could happen from here?

    Well, a lot, actually.

    Josh starts to realize how humane he really is. Stage fright, mortality, depression, and so much more. But that's not the only story here.

    Meet Sakurada, the child of Josh and Shiro. She may look like a teenager, but don't let her looks fool you; she's over 79 years old! Being the child of two gods, she is a god herself. And that should be fine.

    But she's caught up in her own tangled web, one that only her friend, Machii Towada, knows about. But nobody else can know what's going on. Nobody.

    These two stories unfold, sure, but what ending do you think they'll reach? Probably not the one you'd think.

    Trust me, Tagami has changed.


    This story is a complete rewrite of the original stories.