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    Finality by Symphonic Silence

    Fandom: Mass Effect

    This work isn't hosted on the Archive so this blurb might not be complete or accurate.

    03 Mar 2016


    Kaidan's looking for answers. She doesn't understand why.


    03 Mar 2016

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    Set during the conversation at the Presidium cafe between Kaidan and fShepard in Mass Effect 3, this absolutely beautiful piece dives into Kaidan's psyche, giving reason for his doubt and empathy for his cruelty, while (mostly) maintaining canon. It details Kaidan's infatuation during the events of Mass Effect, his spiral into depression after fShepard's death at the beginning of Mass Effect 2, and his frustration on Horizon. "It was because of Horizon. All because of Horizon."

    Kaidan's feelings for fShepard are entirely grounded in selfishness. He views her existence in relationship to his own. He wishes a lot of things throughout the piece, and they are all selfish. This is particularly apparent at the very end, when he laments how he wishes that Cerberus had never rescued her, so that "she would have been his to the end."

    One of the most thoughtful aspects of the work is Kaidan's mirror in Garrus. While Kaidan is selfish, Garrus is selfless. Garrus is the only one of fShepard's squadmates from ME who doesn't question her resurrection or command. In a similar vein, Garrus gives fShepard space in ME3 to get her past relationship sorted, so that she may return to Kaidan if she so chooses. This foil for Kaidan's selfishness could have easily been overlooked. Instead, it strengthens the piece through supporting the key theme.