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    While the US government hunts for Hydra in their ranks, all SGC operations are stalled. But the Ori's armies are still coming and Earth isn't any closer to coming up with anything that can stop them. Frustrated, Daniel takes a vacation, makes a few friends and accidentally uncovers a clue to what could be an Ancient weapon. Against protocol, against orders, he and his gathered knights errant (because they refuse to let him go on his own) set out on a desperate quest.

    But unlike medieval stories, their goal is neither fame, fortune, nor a beautiful princess. Instead, their quest is a race against time to find a way to save Earth.


    30 Mar 2019

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    Hulk running through Minnesota woods chased by Ross's helicopters shooting. Ross no regard for civilians near the lake before he fired missile nor does he send his men to help. Hulk stops to help Daniel Jackson who is trying to reach Cassie under the cabin wreckage. Daniel thanks Hulk with a bag of snacks and directions to a cave system before the general threatens his career. Jack and Daniel make noise to get Ross a hearing and demotion. Natasha infiltrates the Pentagon for a potential Hydra mole when she overhears a conversation between Jack and Daniel about something worse than Hydra and the budget stalled until Hydra is rooted out. Skye hacks files and finds a Project Bluebook or SGC using a ton of defense dollars, the team decides to investigate Daniel who'll be in NY. Sam convinces Steve to take a day off from the Bucky-hunt to recharge.

    Everyone converges on the Met museum where Daniel and Cassie are visiting the Egyptology wing for the first time since his parents died in an accident setting it up. The villain of the weeks blue armored minions attack and all fighters engage. Daniel finds stone tablets in a broken marble-look statue. Iron Man helps out and recognizing Daniel's name invites everyone back to the tower. Daniel can't sleep and asks Jarvis for a conference room to study the tablets. Morning comes and Tony and Bruce are roped in to help decipher the notes on an engine/energy source. Jack warns Daniel not to get chummy since IOA may be involved. Trust goes both ways so after going out for supplies and cooking dinner, Daniel gives them basics of Stargate and Ori threat; risks treason.

    Cassie becomes SI intern and Daniel back to Colorado; sneaks Steve on base using cloaking tech, and is joined by rest SG-1. Others bring supplies, Clint, Natasha and Sam rappel into gate room to enter the wormhole. Tony provided distraction for NID, Carter feigns ignorance and Jack authorizes whatever power sources she needs for the shield. Carter's hologram invites Tony to Area-51 in exchange for an arc reactor while Daniel jumps several planets to teach the Avengers how to gate travel stopping overnight on Kheb w/ his Uma friend Chaka. They travel to the coordinates to a new planet called Aeneid and Daniel is able to muddle through an Ancient dialect w/ its historian Hektor. Daniel studies Hektor's notes before taking a hovercraft to the jungle temple where Daniel's theory is correct - Steve has the ATA gene and turns things on. The facility was a meeting place for the Four Great races; theory Asgardians different dimension; storage bay w/ zpms; second disconnected stargate; go to Atlantis in Pegasus. Darcy passes a coded message to Coulson; Tony works Carter arc reactor, Pepper on Alpha Site list.

    Atlantis full power; Skaara/Ascended divine intervention in NY; Steve and Lorne bond art; activate training program in city; isolate superserum cure illness, Steve willing; datapads later Ancient tech post loss Atlantis, ship. McKay and Lorne join SGC-1 on Aeneid; McKay finds hanger and ship under temple; Steve activate statues from temple, more tablets. Cassie no NDAs, tells Christine E. her story and Stargate. A Prior arrives on Aeneid and when they refuse, the illness starts; the Nox heard signal from statues, help illness; Viltoriaus flies as the people evac to temple. Jane followed Coulson's advice, checked sat feed for disruptor, sees 5 Ori ships past Jupiter; Jarvis confirms; President evac'd; Hydra attacks Jack, War Machine saves, Antarctica. Steve learns ships weapons; Teal'c arrives w. 5 ha'taks; Bucky to Tower.

    Time-dilation field phases planet disrupting satellites; Christine E. breaks story w/ pre-disruption photos; Earth ships engage Ori; Carter's arc powered Dimension Phase-Shift device online. Pepper, Norad, McKay's sister; London and SI keep NBC updated; two Earth ships down; Carter commands Phoenix; Jack brief interview; Rhodes watches Jack in drone chair; shield down, up w/ 2 Ori inside. Ori attack Aeneid; Victory and ha'taks engage 6 new Ori; Tony and Rhodes defend Area-51, shield lost; Antarctica attacked. Teal'c surprises; Rhodes and Thor at the Mountain, Ori ship brought down; Ori soldiers engage SG and army after Prior dead. Daedalus gets Jack to Victory; Tony, Hulk, WS and F4 defend NY; army blows buildings, funnel Ori from Central Park; President, Hammond broadcast; Steve drones disable Ori ship CP. All branches military engage Ori; ship searched; Teal'c's Jaffa and Thor's team CO; Bra'tak Jaffa, Mitchell and Spidey NY. Tony and McKay way to blow Ori weapons; battle over, roundup Ori; news reports.

    Christine and Bucky go CP; strange sphere enters system, talks Daniel on Earth; Captain Marvel of Furling - Asgardians calls Kree; not time for T'auri become fifth race. New Beginnings: Matt meets Jessica; Teal'c and Sif trade stories; Danvers squad victory fly over evac sites; Daniel updated by Christine; the SG1 aliens are Twitter users.