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    Alex Waters is the toughest captain The Hawks have had over a decade. He's determined, focused and a true leader for the team. He’s been in the position for over three years and he felt so sure about it until the announcement of the three new players traded to the team. Randy Ballistic, Miller Butterson and Lance Romero are younger, stronger and bigger than Alex and one of them could threaten his position as captain.

    Being new hasn’t always been easy for Miller, not when he was in highschool—his family moved constantly due to his father’s job, or in college and despite he’s only 23 years old, he has changed team three times already, which is good, his bank account is bigger with each new contract, but he’s left feeling anxious about the change. At least this time he has a known teammate: Randy Ballistic. They played hockey together when they were kids and now they will do it again, now as professionals.

    He feels confident he’ll adjust soon enough with the new team, especially because the good reputation the captain has. Miller is looking forward to work side by side with Alex Waters.



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