Part-Time Idol

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    So Lee Soo Hyun and Hyun Bin are getting close, right? Now their dating, right? They realize each others feelings, right?
    Not so fast, match maker, no one ever heard of a simple romance and someone like Lee Soo Hyun is gonna attract a lot of eyes and Hyun Bin will too!
    Kim Hee Jung is managing her raging temper, right? Now there are no problems, right? She can rap out her feelings, right?
    No way! That's WAY to simple! The world better be ready 'cause Kim Hee Jung is gonna get mad!
    Soo Ah is happy, right? No more stage fright, right? She has her friends, right?
    Of course not, fellow reader! Soo Ah is feeling lonely - Soo Hyun and Hyun Bin are always so close and in the crazy eyes of Soo Ah, Kim Hee Jung and Young Deuk are too! Soo Ah will try and get her first boyfriend! And old deals resurface...
    Young Deuk is all well and good, right? He's made it, right? All fine and dandy, right?
    Ha ha ha! I'm sure you saw this coming but NOTHING IS FINE! Young Deuk is starting to get eyes for Kim Hee Jung but she doesn't seem to notice! Also, she seems to be lashing out on him, even more! Has he done something wrong?
    Last but not least, Mr Jeong Tae Kyung is up to mischief again!