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    In Mo Village, Lan Jingyi sets off the signal flare a moment too late. Consequently, Lan Wangji does not arrive in time to defeat the possessed Madam Mo, and the juniors face down their deaths.

    Wei Wuxian interferes.


    13 Aug 2019

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    Golden eyes went sharp, pinning Wei Wuxian in place like a butterfly for display. "Stop using demonic cultivation."

    Wei Wuxian waited for more, but that seemed to be it. Lan Wangji appeared satisfied with just a warning, leaving Wei Wuxian feeling decidedly wrong-footed. That was it? That was it?

    Lan Sizhui sagged. "Thank you, Father," he said, and—what.


    …Lan Wangji was a father? Lan Wangji was married? Wei Wuxian didn't know what sort of sound he made, but he was pretty sure it wasn't anything close to dignified. What kind of woman had Lan Wangji agreed to marry? What kind of woman had agreed to marry him?

    Lan Jingyi laughed. "Yeah, that's about the face most people make when they realize Sizhui's dad is literally the Hanguang-Jun," he snickered, and Lan Sizhui's ears went bright red.


    "Well, as the son of the late Madam Mo's sister, are you not the new head of the village now?"

    Wei Wuxian froze. Head of the what?

    "No." To be more specific, no, no, and fuck no.


    Lan Jingyi squinted at where Mo Xuanyu had disappeared, frowning. “That was weird, right? Sizhui, did you think that was weird?”

    “It certainly was strange,” Lan Sizhui agreed, watching the servants whisper furiously amongst themselves. “Young Master Mo’s personality has been… oddly inconsistent. And he seemed rather panicked at the thought of being village head.”

    “Inconsistent is one word for it,” Lan Jingyi muttered. “This morning, he really was acting like a lunatic, but just now, saving us… he wasn’t acting like a lunatic at all, then.”

    “No, he wasn’t.” Lan Sizhui thought of the bruises all along Mo Xuanyu’s arms, the hollowness of his cheeks, the sickly pallor of his skin. They painted a picture that Lan Sizhui found he really didn’t like, and he wondered what the true story was behind Mo Xuanyu’s supposed lunatic status. “Perhaps that’s all it was this morning, then. An act.”

    It didn’t matter any longer, though. Mo Xuanyu was gone, and based on what he’d seen of the former Mo family, Lan Sizhui couldn’t blame him.


    Lan Wangji knew his own reputation. He’d seen the way Mo Xuanyu had meant to slip away when Lan Wangji had appeared, his wary, almost resigned expression when he hadn’t managed it. Mo Xuanyu had known that there would be consequences for his use of demonic cultivation, but… interestingly, there hadn’t been so much as a spark of regret in his eyes.