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    Team Free Will are after a demon unlike anything they have encountered before. None of the usual tricks work on her and even Crowley is stumped. But it isn't until they catch her that things really get weird and they find themselves in a universe that seems just like their own. Here magick and monsters aren't just for hunting, they are citizens of the everyday world. Now it's up to Sam, Dean, and Castiel to find the demon they lost, but they need the help of Jessie and Luke, two members of an elite task force entrusted with policing the creatures of the Other Side. But Jessie and Luke aren't normal Hunters, nor are they fully human. They are Spirare, direct children of angels with the power to channel the element of Spirit in any way they choose.

    (A/N: I tried to link J.P. Hart, author of the MERCE Series, as my co-author, but because she doesn't have an Ao3 it wouldn't let me. Show this awesome chick some love and check out M.E.R.C.E. on Amazon and at www.mercebookseries.com)



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