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    (Posted as a part of a university assignment for writing in digital spaces)

    An experiment in writing with collage and producing something new from already established works of fiction. This starts off with lines pulled from Max's diary in Life is Strange, an askblog on Tumblr for Haikyuu!! OCs, and Instagram poetry from Lincolne Innis (all sources will be linked in the notes). Together a new story is created of a high schooler and their complicated relationship with their older sister.

    Where the story goes from the first chapter will be based on the interaction between the readers and the fic itself. The number of hits, kudos, comments, etc that this fic receives will determine a certain outcome for the plot. For example if the interaction number ends in a five, something positive could happen to the characters. If it ends in a three, something negative could happen, and so on. (The specific event/interaction number will be outlined more within the chapters themselves.)

    In a sense this fic is a pseudo-choose-your-own-adventure story where the outcome is purely decided by how the readers physically (or digitally) interact with it. Hope you enjoy!