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    What you're about to read is a story based off the excellent old Sierra adventure game, Lighthouse: the Dark Being.

    A year ago or so, I discovered that Alien Arcana over at the archive did a let's play of the game - and was awash in all the good memories. Figured now was as good a time as any to write a story in commemoration of all that. If you're just here for porn, buckle up for a bit . And if you actually like the game, like I do - don't let my gendering of the protagonist as a dude stop you from writing your own stories. One of the perks of games like this was that the protagonist could be pretty much anyone, or anything - I just choose to write 'em as a dude because it's what I'm familiar with. That out of the way - please enjoy, and thanks for reading.

    I've done my best to make the story as lonely and soul-searching as the original game 'felt' without getting into melodrama. There's sex and a lot of talking - but I believe those add to the story, not detract from it. Whether I succeeded or not - that's your call. But I very much enjoyed writing this, and I hope it may have some of the significance for you as it does for me.



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