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    "33 years ago. That’s when it started. Everything was fine until then, the world leaders weren’t clawing at each other's throats, technology advancing at a rapid pace, humanity had managed to slow down global warming, and series 11 of Sherlock had just come out. Everyone was happy, everything was fine.
    But then the fire nation attacked.
    Yeah no, I wish."
    33 years after a dangerous vaccine converts over 75% of the world's population into mindless psychopaths known as "Paulers", the only hope for humanity is a small group of survivors who have found their own safe haven in the La Cloche Mountains of Northern Ontario, their city of Urhouse. John Lock, a troubled teen with a tendency to reject his superiors, is among these survivors. While on the other side of the spectrum is Destiel Canon, the daughter of Pauler gang leader and the would-be-heiress to her family's fortune.
    When weird but dank circumstances bring the two together, they are forced to rethink everything they have ever known, both about each other, and themselves. Because in a world where everything seems lost, sometimes we can find the world in one another, or some other vague, Instagram aesthetic quote.