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    I am thinking out loud and throwing in ideas here, but look for no story. THIS IS A DRAFT. ☜ Get it? I hope that is not against the rules, but I could find no info saying that this would not be OK. Expect no literary qualities as I am trying something completely new with this text.

    Anyhow, Jephtheh just have to be renamed to Jeff, there is no way around that. For reasons of gender equality I will thus rename also Vera, who gets the name Nora. You could see that choice coming, quite an obvious replacement. However, expect no Ibsenisms as I have not even read him. The Deadly Messiah being a work not elsewhere present on this site, and probably fairly unknown in the rest of the world as well, it may be good to know that he is the bad guy and she is the good girl.

    Backstory is meant to give some clues about what happens between DM and THIS IS A DRAFT (TIAD). Epilogue to DM and prologue to TIAD I did not know what to call this part.

    ’Spoilers’ regarding original in the end notes. I use the comment section for notes to self, but if you want to use it as it is likely to be intended, by all means do so.