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    In the world, there are four seasons. Summer, Autumn, Winter, and Spring. There were also the four individuals who first brought forth these seasons of change. On set dates, their powers grow and on opposite dates, their powers weaken.

    The Summer Solstice is Summer's strongest and Winter's weakest. The Winter Solstice is Winter's strongest and Summer's weakest.

    The Autumn Equinox is Autumn's strongest and Spring's weakest. The Vernal Equinox is Spring's strongest and Autumn's weakest.

    But when Winter's day came, she took advantage of her powers and used them for the benefit of herself instead of the world. Putting the world in a deep freeze, it was Summer, Autumn, and Spring who teamed up and returned the world to how it was before. But when they all passed away, their descendants gain the ability to control the seasons. Some use it poorly, and some use it to get what they want.

    But when trouble stirs in the world because of a group that want eternal winter, its up to the children of the seasons to stop them.