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    Makers of Fine Wands since 382 B.C. by Aaran St Vines

    Fandom: Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling

    This work isn't hosted on the Archive so this blurb might not be complete or accurate.

    22 Nov 2012


    How did magic in Harry Potter’s world come into existence? The first witches and wizards weren’t just born with wands in their hands, were they?

    Extensive Muggle and magical historical and anthropological research has revealed much, but not the whole story. In 2023, ten years after the master wandmaker’s death, a provision of Mr. Ollivander’s last will and testament allowed Harry Potter to give several exhaustive interviews telling the wizarding world the Ollivander family history - the founding of the oldest wizarding business in the world. Finally, the StoryTeller can chronicle this in a readable manner – from Harry’s eyes the summer before his third year.

    A/N - One reader commented that my "382 B.C." is the definitive history of the beginning of magic. However, most readers don’t review at all, so don’t be that impressed with his kind words.


    22 Nov 2012

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    A fine example of how FanFiction can enrich a fandom. This writer, who's a historian, used his love for history to give us an idea how magical wands found their way into the lives of the characters we love. Mr. Ollivander tells Harry the story of his family and his trade, starting in 385 B.C

    Complete, wordcount 136K, hosted on FanficAuthors.net