Dysfunctional Team Dynamics

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    When the Avengers came together against the Chitauri their foundation was rooted in desperate need and a common enemy.

    When the Avengers came together after the Fall of S.H.I.E.L.D. their foundation was rooted in lies and secrecy.


    21 Jun 2018

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    When the Avengers came together against the Chitauri their foundation was rooted in desperate need and a common enemy.

    When Happy is caught in the Mandarin's attack, Tony doesn't call anyone. Various agencies were willing to let him clean up SI's under the table dealings but he's not authorized to go after terrorists...however the terrorists went after him. His time with Harley teaches him that he needs to learn to ask for help. He offers to fund Cho's research into tissue regeneration if she can spend some time helping to make Extremis stable. He brings Banner back to assist and after the jetlagged man falls asleep while Tony is pouring out his sorrows, he decides that maybe he should see an actual therapist. Steve's roadtrip proves that he isn't cut out to be a perpetual tourist, and local law enforcement isn't happy with his help which crosses jurisdictional boundaries. Fury is glad to have him on the team and Steve feels useful working with Natasha or Clint, until he realizes that she has orders that don't mesh with his beliefs. Then Fury is showing him the ships to preemptively dispensing justice, then he's bleeding out telling him to trust no one, then dead. but Steve needs to trust someone and he has a good feeling about Natasha...not that he had a bad one about Rumlow. Zola, Hydra in Shield, Bucky/Winter Soldier, Starks death. Steve calls Sam, former military, a good man who helps soldiers come home, not blinded by this mess. Supposedly in the morgue, Fury gets Stark to make a way to take out the helicarriers guns and sends Clint to pick it up, Clint assures that the engines will keep working until Stark can bring the ships down after he finishes recovering from surgery. Fury appoint Hill as Congress new chew toy since Rogers went AWOL leaving the Russian defector to tell off the politicians freaking over the destruction of their city among other things. Coulson's taking Shield underground and Stark need to take over supporting the team.

    When the Avengers came together after the Fall of S.H.I.E.L.D. their foundation was rooted in lies and secrecy.

    When the Winter Soldier killed Fury and Zola implicated him in Howard's death, Steve planned to avenge two allies until the mask comes off. Bucky is a victim and he needs Steve. Sam sheepishly admits he's available to help because he doesn't have a job. Stark lawyers may have claimed that the wings still belong to SI and Sam is a new test plot who got a little overzealous, the VA isn't pleased with his actions. Natasha dismisses Starks efforts and the strings he had to pull regarding their actions. Happy doesn't trust Wilson but Cap vouched for him and Tony agreed to help the team, maybe he can recommend a therapist. The Bucky-hunt becomes a general Hydra hunt, Clint is brought in and Steve starts to feel a connection to this new team. Not like Peggy or the Commandos but finding Bucky will make this new century bearable. When Natasha suggests bringing Stark in, Clint describes all the things the man is doing for the team and 'if he’s going to be our kept nerd, well we don’t want to be the evil version of the other half of the trope.' Tony doesn't jump at the chance to go after Hydra sighting new armor, Clint thinks he's less committed to the team. Thor's strength added to Steve’s ‘hit ‘em fast and hit ‘em hard’ gets the job done. They work because of the unspoken agreement not to talk about Loki - it works for Thor and Selvig. Thor tells Tony a bit about Loki 'before fall' and asks for his help to find the scepter and right a wrong. Tony didn't ask Sam for a therapist because Steve would see it as weakness though he has enough sense not to join the team until the panic attacks are better controlled. Two months later, Tony and Bruce join the team with Veronica as silent failsafe. As useful as his new Hydra information was Stark was loud and flashy, a constant, grating reminder of everything Steve disliked about the new century. While Thor visits Foster, the team has a night out arranging things to fit Bruce but not telling Tony. Steve accuses Tony of being reckless, not a team player. A mission against giant roaches leads to banter between Stark and Clint about the Chitauri which segues into Loki which offends Thor. Tony playing peacemaker is worse, Steve saves him from ambush and briefly thinks ‘It would be a relief if Stark died, for Bucky’s sake.’ ‘The next time Stark throws a party I should accept, or maybe try harder to include him when the team gets together socially. It doesn’t matter that I don’t like the man, I have to establish a more enduring rapport with him. Stark’s a loose cannon but he’s still an asset to the team.’ Thinking about Clint and Thor over Loki, Steve thinks its best Stark never know about Bucky maybe killing his parents.