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    Dead Man's Logic by Asa Sanderson (

    Fandoms: Final Fantasy VI

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    22 Apr 2016


    Just because you're dead doesn't mean you can't have a little fun. Kefka jumps off the Phantom Train and into a wager with Wrexsoul. Our intrepid ghost has a international incident to stave off, and precious little to do it with. But that's part of the fun, isn't it?


    22 Apr 2016

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    This is a wonderful Kefka-centric story I found through the TV Tropes fic recs page. The way the author writes Kefka's voice is nigh spot on and his perspective (as it is written in first person) is a lucid sort of insanity that is philosophical and engaging. It's definitely a must read for anyone who calls theirself a fan of Kefka; it gives him depth and some sympathy without decaying his status as a villain. It portrays him as devastatingly smart, too, and suggests that the Light Of Judgment was actually a large piece of magitek Kefka designed, built, and used to harness his power (!!!), which is interesting and definitely very different.

    The story also makes use of other villains you encounter from the game, which is surprisingly rare in Final Fantasy VI fic to be honest. All the better to give the story a refreshing spin, though. Wrexsoul is used to wonderful effect as an entity onto his own (with a creative bit of folklore just to explain him). Definitely give this a read!