Merlin/Teen Wolf, a crossover

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This will be a series of fics that are all complete one shots that form a long story over time that will merge the two worlds. I’m not sure which we will see more of in the long run but it will focus and a friendship between Stiles and Merlin as they both deal with being under appreciated and ignored by their respective groups. Mostly it’s all a bunch of misunderstandings and in Arthur and Merlins case, a lot of pining because they are both males in a world where the king is expected to have a queen. Eventual pairings will be Stiles/Derek and Merlin/Arthur. Arther/Gwen will be present as well, and while their relationship will not be an evil thing, I’d like to have a vengeful Gwen at some point so if your looking for an evil!Gwen fic I’d say the 3rd or 4th story will probably have it. Derek’s love life is in the air at the moment I’m not sure how far it will go…

There will be: hints of unappreciated!Stiles, lonely!Stiles, unappreciated!Merlin, pining!Stiles, pining!Merlin, Jealous!!merlin, Jealous!Arthur, probably the occasional BAMF appearance from our favs. Eventual magic reveal going badly, overworked!Merlin, slow build Stiles/Derek. And many more tropes.

This will hopefully be updated on regular basis, I’m thinking bi-monthly, as I am currently writing other fics and this is more of a guilty pleasure I turn to when I can’t focus on my current project. If there is a huge push for the next rendition, I’ll take that into consideration and speed things up a bit!

Thanks for reading!


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