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Forget-Me-Not Flowers, or usually in scientific world have latin name Myosotis sylvatica are my fave flower that sadly I never touch as I just admire those flowers through pictures. I love those flowers that have beautiful blue colour in it's petal (well, other colours such as pink exist) and have many meanings that could be explored well in making stories
"Vergissmeinnicht/Wasurenagusa" series explore things around little blue five petaled flowers who remind others just by it's name about many things; love, passion, memories, hardships, identities and many more

Taken from the my fic series "The Lane of Memories are decorated by Forget-me-not Flowers", Forget-me-not meanings:
1. The Beginning of Growing Affection between Two People
2. The Reminders of Favorite Memories
3. The Remembrance during parting or death
4. Connection that will Lasts through Time
5. The Evidence of Fidelity and/or Loyalty Returned Faithfully in a Relationship Despite Separation or Other Challenges
6. The Token of True Love/Desire not be forgotten
7. Situations between Spouses (all sides, bad and good)
8. Caring for the poor, disabled, and needy-anyone that less fortunate (White)


The First part, K, it's just my experiment in using AO3 platform. Oneshoot snippet telling out my analysis of immortal youth vs immortal life from sides of (webtoon) Anywhere and Nowhere: Rosencratz & Guilderstern + Meitantei Conan

The second part it's my old fic from 2018 that based on prompts of TouKen/TouSaki Week. These stories mix the Week Tumblr prompt with every Forget-me-not meanings that I knew. Fic series consisted of seven chapters that each told featuring seven versions of Kaneki (his persona Haise Sasaki included)

The third is a oneshoot fic from ol' fandom that I dived again recently, 'bout 'forgotten characters' from the longest Japanesse Detective series ever -from POV of Jodie Starling with hints of RedStarling around; angst, fluff and trust


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