Young Volcanoes

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After a sudden tragedy, Castiel Milton and Dean Winchester reflect back on their youth in the beachside town of Sileas, Oregon, and all the lessons they learned on the path that led them to each other.


This is a Destiel love story, in seven parts:

Part One: You and I (Collide) (summer 2005) [completed April 2014]
Part Two: In Over My Head (summer 2006) [completed August 2014]
Part Three: Love You Much Better (summer 2007)[completed October 2014]
Part Four: C'mon (I'd Like To Believe) (summer 2008) [completed April 2016]
Part Five: These Are the Nights (winter 2008) / My Versailles at Night (summer 2009) [in progress]
Part Six: The Fear of Falling Apart (winter 2010)
Part Seven: Take Your Time (Coming Home) (summer 2012)

Updates can be found here :) I work faster when I know I have an audience, so feel free to send comments or questions or encouragement there as well :)

The whole series is a destiel love story, with a destiel endgame. I have the entire series laid out from beginning to end and fully intend to see it through. Still, if you don't like WIP, I totally understand and you can feel free to bookmark here and you'll know as soon as the story is complete.

I'm also aware that there are certain pairings people don't like to see, so please check the tags on the published parts, and here's a layout of what other pairings I've got planned so far so readers can make an informed decision (Destiel, of course, occurs throughout) - this may change as I continue to write:


Part Five: past casual Balthazar/Cas, Hannah/Cas, April/Cas, Daphne/Cas, and Inias/Cas; Charlie/Dorothy
Part Six: no pairing warnings (as of now), but major warning because the entire thing is about the funeral, lots of discussion of death and grief
Part Seven: past Dean/Lisa; Sam/Jess; Jo/Victor


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