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Cameron has an uncommon wish - he wants to spend his holiday on board a Hive. His life on Earth is boring and he wants to try something new. He meets the Commander of Todd's flagship - Todd's second, an impressive Wraith Commander who actually doesn't want to spend time with humans. But, Cameron wins his heart and his trust and gives him the name Raven. He also wins the friendship of the kind and clever Wraith Albert and gives all of the other eleven Commander of the strong alliance with Atlantis special names.
The alliance also tries to find a cure for the feeding process so that humans won't get older and die during the feeding any longer. During this journey and all of these adventures, there are a lot of humans and a lot of Wraith finding the love of their lives...


When I joined the Archive in March 2014, I had Cameron's story clear in my mind, but I never expected to make a whole series out of it. But then, Albert showed up and one thing came to the other. Maybe, my series could be considered as season six or seven of the original, it starts two years after the return of Atlantis to Pegasus. The parts are mostly in chronological order and some of them share the same time-line. They all can be read as stand alones, but it's better to read them one after the other. The last part of this series actually will be the first part of the series, teeling you how it all began, with John and Todd falling in love and Atlantis returning to Pegasus, so the start of the alliance will be told, as well.

Enjoy reading it and let me know if you like my series!


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