Hobo and Karma

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High-level Guardians are sent to help Dean, Sam, and Castiel cope with the effects of the Mark. Set in the time before they learned what the Mark is.


Talismen are those humans, monsters, and other entities who know about the Supernatural and support the work of the Hunters. John's breakdown after Mary's death and his discovery of the epic conspiracy Heaven and Hell made him paranoid, not an uncommon outcome for Hunters shaped by tragedy. Never acknowledged the existence of the Talismen to Dean and Sam, who learned about them only after they moved to the Bunker.

They rarely are mentioned in Chuck's description of their lives and only as individuals who help Hunters, not as an organized cohort.

But many Hunters took advantage of the skills and generosity of those civilians, which included White Witches, law enforcement, Adepts, and everyday citizens.

Remember the Underground during World War II: freedom fighters who risked their lives to support the efforts of the official combatants? Talismen.

Lebanon, Kansas, which was the main reason the Men (and Women) of Letters built the Bunker where they did, looks like a modest farm community on maps and according the Census Bureau, home to a few hundred people. But, like the Bunker, looks are deceiving. Behind a web of glamours and illusions is a thriving community. Sam and Dean were oblivious at first, thinking the small town was one stoplight and a gas station.

At first, Dean refused to ask the citizens of Lebanon for help; did not want to infect them. But, as the influence of the Mark spread beyond Dean and into the surrounding communities and attempts to muffle its impact failed, local Talismen could not ignore the threat.


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