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A collection of stories, all set in the same timeline but posted out of order, about many people and things, but mostly about Ornstein and Artorias during the fading of the fire.


I have a story on my harddrive that is now more than 50,000 words long and growing. It is self-indulgent and was not originally inteded to be published. It also follows no chronologial structure and jumps from one moment in time to another, depending on what I felt like writing at the time. This is the first part I wrote but it's not the earliest chronologically. I have decided after some debate with myself to just post these chapters as I wrote them, but in seperate stories belonging to the same series.

The characterization is based for the most part on the information we get on the characters in the games, including things like Artorias' unused lines. Which means that Ornstein's personality is pretty much entirely made up by me. This is, of course, not the only possible interpretation (in fact, my Artorias is quite different from almost every other I have seen portrayed in fanfic), but at the very least I hope it does not contradict the source material.

The timeline is difficult. I know it's a common assumption that Oolacile used to be where New Londo is now, but that doesn't fit some of my interpretations of the information we're given and here they exist at the same time. If I turn out to be wrong with that, I will ignore it because it would force me to rewrite very large portions of this story, and it's still a self-indulgent piece that was never meant to be shared and will not likely be read.

Sif is female in this one.


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