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At ten years old the sandlot had been everything to Trini. She loved being the only girl, just one of the guys...that was until a girl with pink converse and a mean fastball asked to play. Magic doesn’t last forever, and with Trini’s family needing to move constantly she had to leave Angel Grove.

Years later Trini comes back to the only place she ever felt like home only to her world that she remembered has tipped upside down. Come to her surprise when she finds out that her family had broken up and the badass girl from her past traded in her glove for some pom poms.


What started off as one fic has expanded into so much more! I have decided to expand the universe of this fic, as it only being in Trini's perspective can sort of limit things. The MAIN fic is still Wild Pitch but now I am introducing a mini series to go along with it called Sideline stories to take a little bit of a closer look at other characters. Think of it is as like behind the scenes.

"The Wild Pitch One Shots" Series: These are just little for fun blurbs/ficlets/one shots that take place in the context of these characters but don't really change the events of the main storyline very much.

Best Order to Read Main Storyline Series:

-Wild Pitch Chapters 1-9
---New Kid on the Block (Can be read after chapter 1) is a fic that takes place during the "Sandlot Days" 10 Year old Gang
-Wild Pitch Chapter 10
-Christmas Magic (Kimberly)
-Wild Pitch Chapter 12
-All I Need is You (Zack)
-Wild Pitch Chapters 13-16
-Dare Night (Kimberly)
-Wild Pitch Chapter 17
-Dear Diary (Amanda)
-Bitch-A-Saurus Rex (Kira)
-Wild Pitch Chapter 18
-Big Brother (Mike)
-Wild Pitch Chapters 19-20
-Weight of the World (Lauren)
-Behind Closet Doors (Giemma)
-We're not Friends (Gia)
-Zedd's Pizza (Tori)
-Wild Pitch Chapter 21
-Memory Lane (Jen)
-Mother Dearest Chapter 1 (Kimberly)
-Wild Pitch Chapter 22
-Mother Dearest Chapter 2 (Kimberly)
-Wild Pitch Chapter 23
-Mother Dearest Chapter 3 (Kimberly)
-Grey Zone (Landbell)
-Wild Pitch Chapter 24
-Mother Dearest Chapter 4 (Kimberly)
-Wild Pitch Chapter 25


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