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Canon verse: the original shove-Petya-into-canon verse.

The stories are listed in the order they were posted. See below for the chronological order.


Chronological order:

  1. Lord Piotr.
  2. Petya through age 23 (pre-SOH through Barrayar)
  3. Commentfic: Baby Steps.
  4. Aral, Padma, and baby Petya.
  5. A Child's Winterfair On Barrayar, or, A Very Special Report Regarding Certain Current Events, by Piotr R. Vorkosigan, Age Six.
  6. Petya on his 6th birthday. Overlaps with the beginning of Lord Piotr. (pre-SOH)
  7. Therefore Rejoice.
  8. Petya and Padma at Padma's wedding. Overlaps with the middle of Lord Piotr. (SOH)
  9. Earth Duty.
  10. Petya and Guy on Earth. (Between the main part of Barrayar and the epilogue)
  11. Refuse To Explain.
  12. Five times Guy didn't tell his family about Petya. (Between Earth Duty and Capital Duty)
  13. Legacies.
  14. Petya and Aral at the end of the regency. (Between Barrayar and WA)
  15. Inheritance.
  16. Petya and Miles before General Piotr's funeral. (WA)
  17. The Diplomat's Apprentice.
  18. Petya and Gregor after Miles's treason trial. (WA)
  19. The Vorkosigan Spare.
  20. Miles, Gregor, and Petya on Vervain. (VG)
  21. Prying.
  22. Gregor and Petya on Vervain, flashes back to Piotr, Ezar, and Negri pre-canon, and then Serg, Ges, and Petya pre-canon. (Vor Game and pre-Shards Of Honor)
  23. Betan Vacation.
  24. Petya and Miles on Beta Colony. (Between VG and Cetaganda)
  25. The Admiral And The Ambassador.
  26. Petya and Miles on Escobar. (Between BIA and MD)
  27. The Hospital Visit.
  28. Petya and Ivan in ImpMil. (MD)
  29. An Interlude For The Vortalas.
  30. Colonel Lord Vortala, Maxim Vortala, and Petya do politics and otherwise. (Between MD and Memory)
  31. Retreats.
  32. Petya and Miles in Vorkosigan Surleau. (Memory)
  33. Capital Duty.
  34. Petya and Guy in Vorbarr Sultana. (Memory)
  35. Learning To Run.
  36. Laisa meets the family. Occurs a few hours after Capital Duty. (Memory)
  37. The Invitation.
  38. Guy tells Duv about the dinner. (Memory)
  39. Petya Outtake: Gregor and Allegre, trust.
  40. Outtake: Gregor and Guy discuss his promotion. (Memory)
  41. Beginnings.
  42. Guy is promoted to Chief of ImpSec. (Memory)
  43. The Vorkosigan Legacy.
  44. Gregor and Laisa make plans.(Memory)
  45. Party Politics.
  46. Ivan endures a night of the Vorkosigans playing politics. (ACC)
  47. Diplomatic Complaints.
  48. Petya does diplomacy. (ACC)
  49. Completely Random Petya Verse Sex Scene, or, Screw Plot I Am Writing Porn.
  50. Random Guy/Petya sex scene. (After ACC)
  51. Drabble: Playtime!
  52. Petya and the twins. (non-specific time after DI)
  53. Hold On.
  54. Gregor does Petya and Guy a favor. (roughly two years after Cryoburn)
  55. Kids These Days.
  56. Miles and the kids. (after Hold On)
  57. Quintuple Drabble: Wedding Vows.
  58. Guy and Petya on their wedding day.
  59. Daring Rescues Our Specialty.
  60. Helen rescues the Crown Prince. (roughly ten years after Cryoburn)
  61. Aral Alexander And The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.
  62. Aral Alexander is not having a good day. (non-specific time after Cryoburn)

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