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What if vampires really existed? What if all through history they had lived by being very careful to make sure humans never found out? What if not every suicide ended at the bottom of the river, and not every run-away ran of his own accord – because what if the vampires had learnt to hunt only the ones that would never be missed?

And what if a young Victorian gentleman suddenly found that he had to learn how?


Sire or Sir

Just in case you don’t know, a vampire’s sire is the vampire who made them. The word was used frequently in canon in such phrases as ‘you were my sire,’ and ‘she sired me’. However, ‘Sire’, as a mode of address, was not ever heard on the show but I used it in my early stories, firstly because I liked it and the word play one can make with it, and secondly because I believe Angelus would have insisted on some formality from his juniors. Then in my later stories I started using ‘sir’ as Will’s normal mode of address for Angelus. There is a long explanation and a short explanation for this. The long explanation involves the gradual development of Will’s relationship with Angelus as I saw it, my own deeper preferences and motivations for writing, and a change in my attitude to continuous puns. The short explanation is that it’s Coquette’s fault.

Some writers use the term dam for a female sire. There is no use of this on the show, and in fact several females have been referred to as someone’s sire, so the word sire can be considered as asexual.

Angelus Sired Spike

I know that this is a big one for a lot of people, so be here due and fairly warned that for most of my fiction it is a basic assumption that Angelus is considered to be Spike’s sire and it may well not be explained. There are exceptions, and sometimes the question is left vague, but generally I do not feel the need to give details.

I of course began writing ASS because that was the canon in those days. Then after Fool for Love there were still sufficient loopholes that I was happy to continue. I prefer the relationship it puts the characters in as regards each other, and besides, quite frankly, the Oedipal implications of Dru being his sire strike me as gross. However, there is very deliberately room for leeway in my stories, and differing interpretation of the facts.

If you are one of those who gets physically violent at the suggestion that Angelus turned Spike then be reassured that I have never, and until Joss Whedon sees sense I will never, said out and out that Angelus made him. But in every way that matters, Angelus is Spike’s sire in my stories. And of course what the characters may say is an entirely different question. If you don’t like this then you are in the wrong place, please move along quietly.


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