All Things Proceed from Passion

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What might have happened if Buffy and Giles holding and needing each other in the wake of their profound losses in "Passion" had gone a little too far? And what if Cordelia had been Xander's first lover long before Faith came on the scene? Can love really change the world? As it turns out, it can. Perhaps not always for the better. Perhaps.


This series diverges from Canon during the last act of "Passion" BTVS 2.17. For our purposes, only the seven seasons of the TV series as broadcast are Canon. Season Eight and Angel the series are Apocrypha, if I feel like it. (e.g. Giles’ middle name is up for grabs but Buffy’s isn’t. Edna and Cecil are right out.) I’ve tried to change only two independent variables (see the first two ‘relationships’) and let the rest of the changes develop from that, so events beyond the Scoobies’ control (ancient prophecies, flue epidemics, etc.) should keep happening more or less on schedule unless or until the results of those changes aggregate into a sufficiently unbalanced outside force. However, I have freely added enormous amounts of back-story to canon characters to the greatest extent not inconsistent with canon text. Okay, Okay, the thing between Gwendolyn Post and Rupert Giles is a shameless retcon, I'm weak, I couldn't help myself!

This series is approximately 7% sex and 15% violence by volume. Real life, by contrast, is approximately 1% sex and less than 0.0001% violence.

Disclaimer: Like all fan fiction, this series is written for love and not for money. I don’t own any of these characters (except for the original characters, obviously) or the universe they live in. I also don’t own any of the song lyrics you might find in here or any other work of literature, including television, quoted or alluded to. I am very grateful to acknowledge the work of those who do, especially Joss Whedon, Marti Noxon, David Fury and everyone who worked on Buffy.

Any resemblance between these characters and actual persons, living or dead, other than a physical resemblance to actors who may have portrayed them, is probably a coincidence, and even if it’s not, these characters are fictional. I do not intend to attribute any act, idea or characteristic of any of these characters to any actual person. On those few occasions when an actual person may be mentioned, what the reader will find here is only a character's perception of that person's public reputation and/or historically documented acts.


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