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So, there's this folder in my Google Docs (Google Drive, whatever) called "Stiles CIA."

Stiles is in the CIA! The main story takes place 12 years after Stiles leaves Beacon Hills, mid-way through his Senior year of high school. It doesn't adhere to the canon plot past season two, but Cora and Liam do show up, because I like them (and it's my story). Basically, shit happened, Stiles left, and he hasn't talked to anyone in 12 years. Of course, life is irony, so it doesn't last.


The remainder of the series will be things that've been puttering around my brain while I've been writing: certain scenes from a different POV, some epilogue-like stuff, some slice-of-life snippets, Jess&Jason&Stiles texting one another because it's hilarious, and maybe, just maybe, the "how they got together" story. (If I'm feeling like writing another long fic.) I may also post a fic that is literally a timeline of events (spoiler-tastic) because it got more confusing than it was meant to be. Oops. Sorry. That won't be until after "Stuck on Repeat" is over, and it'll update whenever another story is posted, so that I can clarify where it falls into the timeline.

As it is, as soon as "Stuck on Repeat" finishes posting (a few weeks, most likely), new stories will start showing up here. If you want to subscribe to the series, that'll probably be the best way to know, since my Tumblr is mostly reposts of things I find hilarious/adorable/pertinent. Sorry?

I have no idea if this series will ever be complete, but I'll mark it if it is.

Comments & kudos are my life.

But most of all: thanks for reading.

And because I have trouble keeping this straight myself: a timeline.

~pre-everything: In the Retelling
2016 (October): Opening of Stuck on Repeat
2016 (Sept-Oct): Chapters 7-12 of Stuck on Repeat
~in here: Pixies in Trees
~in here: Everybody Hates the Red Line
2028 (February): Stuck on Repeat begins
2028 (August): Stuck on Repeat ends
2028 (November): Bad Timing
~around here: Glittering Slides
2029 (October): Instinct begins
2030 (July): Instinct ends
~around here: Unhurried

Also, so the ages are more calculable, these are Derek & Stiles' birthdays, based on the fic timeline:
Stiles: April 8, 1998
Derek: December 25, 1990

(Fuck, they're young. And this can't actually be off by much, because at some point they said Derek was born in 1988. Which makes me, canonically, four months older than him. Why is everyone so damn young? Also, the birthdays are based off what the series gives us, but with logic to fix the weird inconsistencies.)


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