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In the summer of 1757, Belle gets captured by Prince Adam and taken to his family's castle where she is forced to marry Prince Adam. During her forced marriage, Adam is abusive and cruel to Belle. Adam beats Belle every day and rapes her every night.

It takes months for Gaston to locate where Belle is and rescue her, bringing her back to Villeneuve and getting Pere Robert to annul Belle's marriage to Adam.

In the months that follow Belle gaining her freedom, Gaston helps Belle deal with her PTSD and getting herself and her life back together after her abusive forced marriage.


Epic Canon Divergence, so the Enchantress's curse does not exist in this universe.

This will be a series that will eventually end up with Belle and Gaston being together in a happy and healthy relationship.

TRIGGER WARNINGS FOR THIS SERIES: RAPE and ABUSE ((The relevant chapters that deal with these things and the chapters where Belle has flashbacks to her forced marriage will be appropriately tagged)).

Here's the ages of the main characters:

*Belle Bonneau: 17.
*Adam Moreau: 25.
*Gaston Laurent: 33.

Adam's parents are Marchioness Camille and Marquis Bastien Moreau, rulers of the village Villeneuve and the Woods. Their castle is located deep in the forest and is to the East of the village, Villeneuve. Adam is the prince of the kingdom.
((Even with an attempt at researching French royalty and nobility titles, I am terribly confused as to how this works, so please forgive any inaccuracies.))


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