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After the disastrous events in New York, 1926, Percival Graves--the man Grindelwald replaced--was rescued.

In the wake of his miraculous survival, Graves found a new purpose in protecting Credence Barebone from the rest of the world. In Newt Scamander's suitcase, with help from Tina and Queenie Goldstein and a de-Obliviated Jacob Kowalski, Graves and Credence flee from MACUSA, Grindelwald, and a world that wants them both dead.

Neither of them expected to fall in love, nor did anyone expect to acquire the genuine family that they did. And that's only the beginning of the adventures. From the streets of Chicago to the mountains of Russia, from the pyramids of Egypt to the shires of England, from the dark fortress Nurmengard to the highest halls of wizarding power, the world is open before them.

What began with six lonely, broken people will end with something that can only be called a family.


So the title of this series is my own personal joke. This story really is an accidental epic: I originally intended a better mirror to be a short (x<5000 words) oneshot exploring the aftermath of Percival Graves' rescue and his relationship with Credence Barebone, after Grindelwald's defeat. This...did not go as planned. Here we are, hundreds of thousands of words later...and, well, you'll see where we're going.

The series is arranged in chronological order, not order of writing. The Hypothetical Sequel is complete. It posts on a strict Monday/Wednesday/Saturday schedule; you can set your calendars by it. I refuse, however, to reveal how many weeks we'll be posting for!

Finally, a last note for those of you entering the series on the wave of FB2 hype. This series is canon-divergent after the end of FB1. It relies on nothing from the second or later films, and grew organically from there. If it isn't in's not in here, okay? Just not a thing.

So, in the end, welcome to the party. And welcome to the Suitcase Family! Let's have some fun. :)


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