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This is a 16-fic series that centers around Jack and Kent and their history and their future. It follows canon, with one major difference; Bitty decided not to go to Samwell. Each fic is named after and based around a song on the Deluxe version of Troye Sivan’s album Blue Neighborhood. The first two fics are chronological, because they’re in the fic’s current time (2018) in the frame of the story. Most of the fics in the series are told through flashbacks and time jumps, though, and the stories switch back and forth between Jack and Kent’s perspectives.


Warnings: Each fic will be tagged with warnings specific to that fic, and if one fic in particular is too rough for you, as long as it isn’t the frame verse, you can theoretically skip it without losing the plot too much. I’ll tag which fics are in the frame. But here are some general warnings. Anxiety and depression are depicted pretty consistently throughout the series. Many of the fics have mentions of alcohol and anxiety medication use/abuse. The overdose is written as intentional. There are occasional mentions of sex from when the characters are 16-18 years old, which is legal in Canada and which I, therefore, won’t be tagging as underage. Jack and Kent are both closeted.

Also, Kent has BPD and has been in treatment for a number of years. While writing this, I had seen fics and headcanons with Kent having BPD, and I'd had some conversations with friends about it. This Kent took on a lot of those characteristics, especially related to intensity of emotion, impulsivity, and splitting/black and white thinking. Kent having BPD and/or undergoing treatment is not the focus of this fic, but because this is the way I wrote him, I wanted to warn for it, just in case.


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