The Paladins of Voltron

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It started with an ambush that spiraled helplessly into chaos.
The Green Paladin: Pidge is taken by the Galra when the team had been separated during an ambush, and is soon made to be a weapon against Voltron. How can one defeat their own ally?
The Blue Paladin: Pawn has taken Lance, still injured from the wound Pawn had given him, back to Haggar and the new ruler of the Galra Empire, Prince Lotor. Shiro had promised he would save them both somehow. Hunk and Keith realize how much they care about someone when they're gone.
The Yellow Paladin: Lance and Pidge are finally safe, but Lance is... Different. Harsher. When he learns his family has been taken captive by Lotor in an attempt to draw him back, Lance lashes out against those trying to help. Fed up with how he thinks he's seen by the others, Hunk makes it his mission to save Lance's siblings no matter the cost to himself.
The Red Paladin: To save the Earth and Pidge, Voltron must defeat Haggar. The boys also should learn a thing about relationships.
The Black Paladin: Everything has to come to an end somehow.


The entire series is only rated teen because of the brainwashing and darker themes that wouldn't exactly be good for everyone.
This series also follows some AUs and headcanons that can be found on Tumblr. The two more prominent would be Haggarian!Pidge, where Pidge is used against the team to try to defeat them, similar to the Winter Soldier in Cap America. The second is Lotor flirting with Lance (tho this is taken to a darker place)


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