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"What I know most surely about morality and the duty of man I owe to sport" -Albert Camus

Stories concerning the Townsville Futility sportsball team, their fans, managers, message-track and the search for meaning in a cold unfeeling universe.

I would like to thank all the other writers using the "Sports - Fandom" and "Sports RPF" tags who work tirelessly to put this work in the most artistically statisfying and absurd of possible contexts. Thank you.


Everything has been done before.

Edit: IRL!Jonathan Toews of the Chicago Blackhawks is now my offical favorate existential sport-playing person ever. Look at this:
EDIT: 9/100/2016 that link is broken. see the first image in this gallery instead:

Giant cups mean nothing to a man who stares into the abyss.

EDIT! 29/4/2014
EDIT! 4/8/2014
EDIT! 31-01-2015 (the perfume ad! I'm half convinced that I'm posting comix and suffering amnesia)

This is what I think sportsball looks like. But what do I know?

Slant'sPartner has made me aware of Camus's football career.

Edit 7-11-2014. New York Jets' general manager John Idzik filibustered all sport forever in October, and consequently no more sport may be performed for procedural reasons. The greatest sports-related press conference possible:

Oglaf has answered the question: what if the futility was sexy

EDIT! 07-05-2015. Its over.

EDIT! 14-05-2016 this cartoon is also very good and almost gets it:
"The fundamental uncertainty is what makes sports a poignant microcosm of life and (to me) way weirder and scarier to rely on for entertainment than fiction"
But at the last it refuses to embrace the Absurd.


EDIT: 08-11-2017

"The crowd cheered and joined together to sing the Night Vale school song `You walk with me, you walk alone under an indifferent dust-filled sky' "
116 - Council Member Flynn, Part 3, Welcome to Night Vale


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