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Yuuri and Victor sort out their communication breakdowns after Season 1, but then what? This series takes place in a world more closely adjacent to ours, where homophobia exists, Russia as a political entity is Not Friendly, and our skaters have to learn to find their way on an unbeaten path.

Having friends in high places (specifically a Gulfstream G650 private airplane) helps. It's much easier to find yourself when you have a way of getting places quickly in a pinch.

This spans from the end of Season 1 through late spring of 2018, and follows Victor, Yuuri and Yuri (and friends) through the busiest, best, and most difficult years of their lives.

It is approximately 97% canon-compliant for season 1. The largest point of divergence is that in this version of the story, homophobia exists and the political situation is roughly what we have now.

The series as a whole is complex, with a variety of smut, fluff and the occasional helping of angst. It is, ultimately, a happy story, but it is not an easy one.


This assumes the series happened during 2016, and this takes place mostly from December 2016 and runs forward from there.

As of September 2, 2017, there are nine parts posted and completed, one part written which will end up being probably part 11 or 12 depending on how or if i handle the Olympics, and a part I'm working on called "The Landing," which has not yet been published at all, but which will fall between The Leap and Coming Out.


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