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MY PURPOSE , now complete, is to archive the epic series the Mellon Chronicles for readers to continue to enjoy. I do not claim authorship or ownership of any work in the Mellon Chronicles - that belongs to Cassia and Siobhan, and to Tolkien.

As readers may be aware, the original site at which the Chronicles were archived ( has ceased to exist. I retrieved the all the stories from the online web archive Wayback Machine but I am unsure how much longer they will be available there either. So I am planning on re-posting them all here, in an effort to prevent them from disappearing from the internet altogether. There may be other sites where the works are also archived, but I could not find any from Googling.

In the series, you can find all of the stories in chronological order (that is to say, the order in which they appear in their entirety, not the order in which they were written).

If you appreciate being able to read the Mellon Chronicles here and, like me, do not want them to be lost, please comment and let me know. Thank you to everyone who has already done so, it makes me very happy to know that I'm not the only person who still remembers and enjoys these stories :)










Taken from the original website:


YEARS BEFORE there was a fellowship, at a time when the One Ring remained quiet and unknown in the possession of an unassuming Hobbit and the gathering darkness of Mordor had not yet made itself known to the world, there was an eager young Ranger and an Elven Prince.

Raised by elves, but human by heritage, Aragorn, son of Arathorn walks between two worlds. Following in the footsteps of the Dunèdain before him, the sometimes brash and impulsive young Ranger seeks to prove himself and find his purpose in an often-dangerous world. Skilled and resourceful, yet still becoming the man who would be king, Strider still has much to learn, and much to give, along his path towards the destiny that awaits him.

The only child of King Thranduil of Mirkwood, Legolas Greenleaf is still young by Elven standards, although he is more than a handful of centuries older than the oldest humans of Middle Earth. At the same time both merry and serious, old and yet eternally young, Legolas has seen enough life to know both the good and the evil, and yet still is open to learning new things and new ways.

Mortal and Immortal, the Elven Prince and the man who would one day be King of Gondor formed an unlikely bond.

Ultimately, their very survival may depend on not only the speed and accuracy of an Elven bow, nor even the swift sword of the Dunèdain, but on the strength and loyalty of the friendship they share.

Follow me away now, oh worthy sojourners of Middle Earth to explore the untold adventures of these early years....

"I would draw some of the great tales in fullness, and leave many only placed in the scheme, and sketched. The cycles should be linked to a majestic whole, and yet leave scope for other minds, and hands, wielding paint and music and drama." -- JRR Tolkien


I don't believe that Cassia or Siobhan would mind their work being re-posted here. They left their original website up indefinitely, for anyone to read. Also, when they quit the fandom they offered to send any interested fans a copy of the entire series, for their own personal library. This suggests to me that they wanted the Chronicles to remain available to anyone who wanted to read them. I claim absolutely no credit for these works and have re-produced the stories along with all their notes, exactly as originally posted. If the authors did ever contact me and ask me to remove the stories, I would (regretfully) do so.

*~ UPDATE ~*
Although I haven't been able to get in touch with Sio or Cass, I have since heard that permission has previously been given by them to re-post these works online, in order to preserve them. So yey!


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