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This series collection is for the original Lecherous Nocturne Excursions (Which is marked as part 2) along with works requested from readers to happen in the LNE 'universe.'
To celebrate, I've treated you with an extended beginning of the original chapter 1. (Which is marked as part 1)
Soon I'll upload another requested LNE spin-off story. So stay tuned!

Currently, I'm not taking any requests. In the future I will not take 50.000-100.000-150.000 words requests. If you need a ghostwriter (writing readers requests is basically ghostwriting), email me (my mail is on my profile)


1: Name: Noobler. Story: Captivity. Status: Ongoing
2: Name: Prinsess_Pam13. Story: Savior. Status: Ongoing
3. Name: Kimberly. Story: Goths? Aren’t You Into S/M? Status: Ongoing
4. Name: Teena. Story: Por Favor, No Hablo Inglés (Please, I Don't Speak English) Status: Not started
5. Name: Winchester97. Story: Love Is In The Air, Violence Everywhere. Status: Not started


Note that even if you're in the request queue, it might be up to several months before I can start writing it. A lot of your requests are 50.000+ words and takes three-digit hours to make! I'm sorry for this wait, but I'm also so happy. Never imagined LNE to be so popular. So thank you every one of you !
I do my best to ensure every request is what the reader had ever dreamed of. That might sometimes make the stories long. But I would rather take my time and do the story properly instead of cutting it short because I have other requests. I hope you can bear with this wait and hope you won't get disappointed when it's finally your turn :-)

I love getting request. But I'd like you to keep in mind that when you request a story, please have the courtesy to at least leave a 'thank you' comment on the work. Even if the work didn't turn out exactly as you wanted it to. It makes me so sad when I spend all from one-digit hours to two- or three-digit hours on requests and never hear from the requester again. (Happened at least two times where I spend 6.5 and 38.5 hours and never heard from them again.) I spend so much time accommodating your wish to make you happy. A simple 'thank you' isn't too much to ask for :-)
I make requests for free, use so much time and energy to make other people happy, so just take 2 minutes to write that damn simple 'thank you' comment and I'm happy enough to keep making requests and that leaves everybody to be freaking happy :-P


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