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The Awakenings Universe is a series of interconnected stories that exist within the universe introduced in the story Awakenings. At times, the stories will be direct sequels to the story that came before. At other times, stories will skip along the timeline, but the characters and situations will always remain true to those introduced in the first story. The universe will also include “One Shots,” which are mini stories usually connected to a larger story, and could include a missing scene, or a scene told from a different character’s point of view, or even told by a different author.


The universe was created before the release of Iron Man 3, Thor: The Dark World, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and any subsequent films. Therefore, events from those films, or from the Agents of SHIELD television series, may not be touched on in this universe, or if they are, it may be in a different manner with different timing.

The Awakenings Universe picks up directly after the shawarma scene in The Avengers film, and much of the canon from that film and the films that preceded it is included with the following exceptions:
• Pepper dumped Tony six months before the Battle of New York, though she still runs his company.
• Steve’s childhood experiences are barely touched upon in the original Captain America or The Avengers films, so the reality in the Awakenings Universe is a feasible scenario as to what could have happened, but information obtained from Captain America: The Winter Soldier does not necessarily jell with this universe.
• The handling of Phil Coulson’s ‘death’ is treated differently in this universe.

A few other notes to keep in mind when reading this series:
• When I started writing the series, there were differing pieces of information regarding the year in which Steve Rogers was born. After looking through various sources, I settled on July 4, 1922. Recently, Captain America: The Winter Soldier listed his DOB as July 4, 1918. Since I have still found references online to 1922 as well, I decided to keep his birthday as July 4, 1922 in the Awakenings Universe. This would make Steve about 23 or 24 when he went into the ice, which is how I write it.
• Thor and Jane are not a couple in this universe, the reason for which I plan to touch on eventually, but haven't gotten there yet.
• Happy has remained Tony's driver, not head of his security team, or anything else for now.
• Phil's past and family will vary from anything discussed on Agents of SHIELD because this universe was already established before that show became a reality.
• In this Universe, Steve has spent a couple of years in an orphanage between the time when his mother died and when he turned sixteen and aged out.

The Awakenings Universe should be considered AU, often deviating from the recent movie-verse and much of the comics. If this is the sort of thing that bothers you, these might not be the stories for you. The stories contained will, however, remain true to the characterizations, events, history, and settings of the original Awakenings story.

Thanks to all of you who are following the stories in this universe, especially those who have taken the time to comment and offer such amazing support. I hope to keep writing as long as you enjoy reading these stories.


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