Journey to Another Hell

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Things are a little different in vamp-Xander's alterna-WISH world.

The Master rose. Xander and Willow are vamps. Buffy never came at all because Cordelia never showed up in the WISH-world, so Giles didn't make the emergency call to the Council. He just kept being ignored until it was too late.

Vamp-Xander is an alpha male. He was possessed by the hyena two days before he was turned. The vampire demon dissipated a lot of the hyena energy, but he's still pretty feral.
(Preying Mantis woman never came to Sunnydale because there were way too many vampires in town. Without Buffy to curtail the vamp population, more vampires were being made all the time.)

Without Buffy to give them social bravery, Willow, Xander and Jesse didn't go to the Bronze on the night of the Harvest, so they weren't drained then, but later.

Vamp-Xander ends up in Anita land.

excerpt from JtAH-4:
"He's a child, Edward," Anita hissed, her eyes angry slits. "He's not like us."

A cold smile twisted Edward's lips. "He's just like us, Anita. He just started younger, that's all. He was never a victim like you. He shot the beast that killed his father. Eight years old, Anita, and he stood his ground and saved his mother and sister. He's one of us."

Anita's eyes closed in momentary pain. "He didn't have to be, though. If he'd never met you... He would have gone the rest of his life as just another boy."

Edward shook his head. "No, he was never 'just another boy.' No matter how it would have happened, he would still have ended up in the same place. The only difference would be that I wouldn't be there to keep an eye on him and help him make those first rough steps without ending up dead or turned, that's all. He's always been here in the darkness, Anita. He's always been a shooter."

"I hate it," Anita said. "I hate how everything you touch turns to ashes."

"You hate it because it's the same for you," Edward said. "Lie to me, tell me that anything you've come into contact with has lasted. Tell me that anyone you've even brushed against has remained uncorrupted. Come on, Anita, make me believe your stories of a better world and a better life."

"Shut up," she said, defeat in her voice. She couldn't think of even one person that had stayed whole around her, not even her family.

Somehow, without her noticing it, she had become some kind of disease that infected everything she came into contact with.


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