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Bodies Verse is my epic-length body-swap time-travel AU. Darcy and her family (the women of her maternal line) can travel in time and space by swapping bodies with important historical figures about to die before they do their important historical thing. Darcy swaps with Steve, and quite a few rules get broken. This starts a set of dominoes toppling that change the entire world, the entire galaxy, and the fabric of history itself.

There's been some confusion about order, understandable in a time travel fic, so I'm adding order lists in the series notes.
EDIT: Due to expanding Sandbox size, I've also added links to our cousin series.

The last work on this Series Page is the first work of the brand-new Bodies-Verse Director's Cut, now with smoother writing, fewer plot holes, more backstory and Extra Angst! Please subscribe to the Director's Cut series for all future Bodies-Verse goodness.


Chronological (following the Darcy timeline.)
Ships In The Night
Bodies In Time
A Mother's Love (Tony-centric, mentions events from In Time related to Darcy)
Bodies In Space
Agents of HERO
Bodies In Power

Chronological (following the Steve+Bucky timeline)
Bodies In Time
Ships In The Night (Bucky is mentioned in passing)
Bodies in Space
Tangled Skein (covers from beginning to the mid-50's of In Space for Bucky)
Agents of HERO
Bodies in Power

Chronological (according to MCU Local Time)
Parts of Bodies In Time (pre-1995)
Ships In The Night (1995-1998)
Rest of Bodies In Time
A Mother's Love
Bodies In Space
Agents of HERO.
Bodies in Power

Posting Order of First Chapters (long fics with astirix(*) after, posts in the middle of the previous long fic with astirix before.)
Bodies In Time*
*We Have A Future
*Never Alone
*Out of Body Experience
A Mother's Love
Bodies In Space*
*Many Things
*Tangled Skein
*Happy Birthday
*Avenging Science
Ships In The Night*
Bodies in Power*

Poems, Shorts, Misc.
Out Of Body Experience (collection, spans many times, see notes for time reference in each chapter.)
Happy Birthday (happens sometime after 2014, likely 2015)
We Have A Future (concurrent with the early and mid parts of Bodies In Time)
Never Alone (written by Darcy in the middle of Bodies In Time)
Many Things (post 2012, unspecified date)
Avenging Science (post 2014)


RELATED WORK (No order here, find in other series.)
Things That Should Not Have Worked: a Brief History of S.H.I.E.L.D. (This is the full series of other stuff.)
Code Chartreuse (This is the single work with the most action by characters that also appear here.)
She's Somebody's Hero (Almost entirely unrelated, except my beloved Fan-Child Beth_Mac wrote it for me as a Mother's Day gift after I adopted her while writing this series and I'm stupidly proud of it and you should read it.)


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