The Blighted Blight + Two Poorly Adjusted Elves

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Zevran/M!Surana stuff, including possibly someday some stuff about before the two of them met.


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Alim Surana is Dalish, but got stolen by Templars shortly after he manifested, because he was unfortunate enough to manifest in the middle of a market in Lothering. A goose was involved. Kinloch hold will Fuck You Up, and it certainly did a number on him. It didn't help that, due to the linguistic makeup of Modern Elvhen, everyone thought he was Orlesian for several years. He's got a literal deathwish, tried to off himself at least once before he was old enough to be harrowed, and yeah long story short that's eventually how the blood magic started. He has stayed alive mostly because of Zevran and because he keeps ending up in situations where him dying would seriously inconvenience other people. He's still looking for his family and his clan through all of Origins and Awakening (though he finds them at some point before Inquisition), because not surprisingly they skedaddled out of Lothering after the Templars happened. Eventually, due to Zevran's troubles with the Crows, wanting to continue to search for his family, differences with the Warden hierarchy, and actual research, he gets research leave to go cure the Calling, which eventually lands him at Skyhold during 9:41 Dragon. Eventually, his research leads to him being recalled to Weisshaupt, and that's as far as I know at this point.

Zevran, if possible, has even more issues than Surana. He's a Crow, which means Crow training, which means really embarrassingly awkward nightmares, not to mention a taste for things most people's nightmares couldn't come up with. He suspects most of the shit he went through was really designed to make it impossible to emotionally or sexually connect with non-Crows, but Surana's a Circle mage, which is a similar enough level of fucked up. Usually. There are multiple reasons they have an open relationship. He's an extremely brilliant alchemist and herbalist, if a bit bad at planning (hey, you try spending your early teens constantly doped up on orichalcum and half a dozen other nasty things for purposes unmentionable and see how well you can focus after that), but half of what he uses it for, by Inquisition, is refining the art of getting high. (The other half is helping Surana with research.) Surana keeps him from doing anything too risky, just in case the Crows don't get them after all. Eventually, he ends up at Weisshaupt with Surana, and, well, nothing like an ex-Crow to make Warden politics interesting.


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