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This series takes place in an Alternate Universe where in 1860, explorers returned to Europe with a herd of creatures, a subspecies of human who couldn't speak any known language, but made noises like engines and spoke in gestures.

Humans, being what they are, keep these creatures a secret from the public and use them to race cars, since they are driving-focused. They are treated like working livestock. The handlers are physical matches, hired to engage in press conferences and be the public face of the drivers. The Racing Drivers form telepathic bonds with the matches. Nearly every racing driver in history has actually been one of these bond pairs, a man giving the interviews, covering for the secret, Tame Racing Driver.

The companies go to great lengths to keep the public from finding out that the actual drivers aren't the men we assumed they were. If the public discovered the systematic slavery the Racing Drivers were kept in, they wouldn't stand for it. Since this series discusses sentient beings kept as livestock, it contains disturbing content. It touches on different aspects of the motorsport world. This AU is inspired by The Stig, Top Gear's Tame Racing Driver.


An AU where a secret species in used as Racing Drivers, and all that entails.

The RD's (Racing Drivers) are a species that look like humans, but are completely focused on and motivated by driving. They don't speak, just imitate car engines. They have to bond with a human handler. Since they are a secret and can't talk, or engage in press conferences, the handler is often a man who has a matching physical resemblance to the RD. These handlers serve as body doubles, and the companies go to great lengths to keep the public from finding out what they are doing to keep these creatures in subjection.

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