Scenes From the New Life(s) of Bucky Barnes

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The stories of more than one possible post-Civil Wars.

Bucky Barnes is given a new start, and he starts living again.

Food is eaten. Friendships are made. Movies are watched. Long nights of nightmares and weeping are endured. Hugs, cuddles, comfort, and kisses. Homes are built. Love is shared. Games are played. Lost things are found. Sex is had. Adventures happen around the house and around New York City. Sometimes Sam and Natasha drop in. Steve Rogers is always there.

Forthcoming Fics:
- To Have a Home (In-progress at 29k, chapters 6/8 posted)
- Positive Reinforcement
- Trainer Bucky Wants to Battle
- Flip (tentatively titled kinkfic)
- Set For Ten Minutes on High Heat


This was originally going to be called "Bucky Barnes Having Nice Things," but then I thought that might be a tad misleading. Everything here has the connective theme of Bucky overcoming something or building something new from something little, but it's about more than that. It's about progress and healing, but it's also about about missteps and dealing with trauma. It's about making mistakes. It's about working with what you have. It's about discovering new things and maybe liking them or not. It's about ultimately ending in a better place than you started, even if bad things happened along the way, and even though it technically isn't really an ending. It's about friendship and love. It's about life. It's about Bucky being a person.

(Except for Much Better Dreams, which is just shameless self-indulgent smut. I've decided not to include that here, even though it technically exists chronologically after Re-establishing Contact, because it's just a dream sequence for a specific kink and I know not everyone's into that. But if you are into that, you're certainly welcome to look that up.)

Fics with shared continuity/elements will say so in the Notes.


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