When the Universe Fights You, Fight Back

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I've Been Thinking
Wade's trying to be a better person even though the universe is clearly rooting against him, but he's gotta do it. He doesn't have a choice anymore. It's either this or let her grow up thinking she wasn't worth trying for.

Coming Soon: untitled prequel (a highschool au of MJ, Gwen, Johnny, and Peter)

Coming Soon: Rebound, sequel to I've Been Thinking featuring Ellie as the main character, because I’ve loved writing for her in the pioneer fic, and I want to explore the character. The original title for this was The Other Shoe, but that was very Wade-centric. Originally, I did intend this fic to be a bit Wade-involved, but it’s since morphed into just Ellie’s life.

Coming Soon?: A collection of one-shots without Peter and Wade that take place in this universe alongside IBT and are not necessary but may be relevant. (timeline specifics will be in chapter summaries)

Coming Soon (when this is finished): Something very special.


 An alternative universe with spideypool in the middle.

In IBT, Peter Parker is 22 - 23 years old, in college for a variety of nerdy things, and works at the Daily Bugle. Wade Wilson becomes his roommate and shenanigans ensue. As for the universe, things are kind of uncomfortably squished because I put Peter in college at this stage. For example: Ellie was born when Peter 11, Peter is my age but Weasel, a school rival, owns and operates a merc bar, Wade became Deadpool when Peter was still in elementary school. It's SQUISHED, but don't worry it's fanfic. It doesn't have to be perfect.

Key notes for this universe: Peter, Gwen, MJ, and Johnny have been friends since high school, though Johnny didn't go the same school as they did. Captain America: Civil War basically happened except (instead of freezing Bucky at the end, he got a new arm and joined the Avengers).

Some events in Infinity War have occurred in this universe, and while the personality of the Peter I write may be influenced by Tom Holland’s spider-man, baby face (the actor, not the character in MCU, I’m 23 not 16) is a year younger than me and it...squicks me. Peter is of age in this fic and in fact Tom Holland himself is of age but I still find it creepy. The Peter I write is a combination from my sphere of influence, based heavily on what I’ve seen of comics, all the movies, bits of the cartoons, and fanfics I’ve read. All have served to teach me how I should characterize Peter, and they’ve all left their mark.

Gwen and MJ have been dating since high school and are engaged (they both still dated Peter at some point). Vanessa is alive, well, and managing a strip club. Where in the world is Nathan Summers?

Emily has primary custody of Ellie; Ellie goes to the same school that Peter, MJ, and Gwen went to; Wade just re-entered Ellie's life less than 2 years before IBT begins. Previous to that, he had been a basically a ghost in her life since she was 7, and before that, she had never met him. Obviously, he still kept up with her before she met him formally, but Wade is a flight risk on his good days.

Nothing bad has ever happened to Weasel, nor ever will. Clint and Natasha have been in a relationship for a long, long time and they are happy and nothing bad happens to them ever either. Tony and Pepper still haven’t gotten married, but they’re engaged (haha be glad I’m not writing their slow burn, they’ve been engaged for like 8 years...they’re busy). Dopinder hasn’t appeared in this fic (yet) but I really did like his character in DP2 so it’s likely he’ll show up at some point. I batted around including Spider-Man: Homecoming events, but when the movie came out, I felt like I was already too far in to not have mentioned someone as important in Peter's life as Ned if he existed in this universe. Anyone connected to Wade is different (because, as I said, he's a flight risk on his good days), but Peter would keep up with his best friend. Had Homecoming released when I was still in like chapter 1-6, you bet your ass I would've figured out how to squeeze Ned into that highschool au I've had running of Peter, MJ, Gwen, and Johnny, but unfortunately it didn't.


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