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"The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other's life." - Richard Bach

Sometimes the road to home and family is not as short and quick as we'd like it to be, but eventually we get there. And sometimes, it can be even more challenging than saving the world.


♥Pairings♥: Sara/Len, Ray/Kendra (as in canon), Kendra/Carter (as in canon), Oliver/Felicity, Cisco/Lisa, Barry/Iris, John/Lyla, Quentin/Donna, possibly brief Roy/Jade Nguyen before bringing back Roy/Thea, Ray P/Lily, Caitlin/Julian, Leo-X/Ray T.

Continuity Notes (contains spoilers for the 2015-6 seasons onwards):
-'Legends of Tomorrow': Follows canon up to Rip offering the team the chance to join him after destroying the meteors in 'Legendary'. Len is NOT part of the LoD at all, and Avalance never happens (sorry, Ava, but Len lives, so Sara is already in a relationship).
-'Arrow': Follows canon entirely up to 'Schism', though I still have to sort out some inconsistencies regarding the timing of Andy Diggle's fake death. NO Flashpoint - Baby Sara still lives (JJ can be her little brother instead of her replacement via temporal distortion). NO S7 FLASH-FORWARDS, EITHER. I may take a teeny bit of inspiration from them, like Zoe being Black Canary III, but only a little.
-'Flash': Follows canon up to near the end of 'The Race of his Life' - NO FLASHPOINT. Julian is as new to everyone as he is to Barry, Alchemy is still giving people powers they had in an alternate timeline, but NOT one caused by Barry. Maybe it'll be an unspecified other Earth instead... Another major change, but one that's not as focused on, is Lisa's addition to Team Flash after 'Invasion!'
-'Supergirl': Follows canon pretty much entirely, but I've written an alteration of 'Medusa' so that it runs more like an ACTUAL crossover. Events of S1 and S2 up to 'Medusa' are also stretched out so that the final 4 episodes of S1 and first 4 episodes of S2 are all in July 2016, because each one picks up RIGHT where the previous one leaves off. And there's a bit of a time skip between the Christmas party scene in 'Reign' and the one before it, because the writers clearly weren't paying attention to a consistent timeline.
-Constantine: Follows canon of the live-action series, with the first episode starting in late September 2014 instead of October (as Episode 5 is set a full 4 weeks after it aired). The unproduced 14th episode, 'Final Girl', is also part of this series (the writer's draft of the script is online for anyone to view on DropBox - the link is on the Arrowverse Wiki's article for that episode, under 'External Links') unless 'Legends' S4 directly contradicts it.
-As for 'Crisis on Earth-X', I'm still debating on changes to be made, especially regarding a certain major character death.

1 Upcoming Story: 'Vegas': Len and Sara bring their families to Las Vegas for their wedding. The Rogues, Sara, and Sin City: what could possibly go wrong?

I also have a few other fics in the works, including a sequel to 'The Cold Factor' covering 'Legends' S3 (title TBA) and some (currently) untitled fics focusing on Cisco/Lisa and Kendra/Carter post-'Legendary'. I also have some plans for Roy and Thea, plans that will most likely NOT take the S7 flash-forwards into account.

Tentative posting schedule/progress report:
'The Cold Factor' Ch 23 ('Legends' 2x17 part 2): Sept 19, 2019
'Vegas': Still incomplete, will post alongside 'Legends' S3 fic.


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