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My Henry/Jo fics, all conveniently in one place. Includes links to all Mortinez-flavoured fics in the drabble series.


Longer Fics

Promise 5,195 words
When Jo catches Henry trying to leave town after Abe's death, he finally tells her the truth. It’s not easy to accept

Diamond 2,512 words
It would have been her tenth anniversary today, but instead Jo’s drinking and making bad, impulsive decisions with Henry

Seeing Red [Mature] 1,466 words
Henry couldn’t even say who kissed whom first. Talking turned into commiserating, and between one moment and the next they were falling into bed and he couldn’t stop if he tried

Bodyswapped [Mature] 1,222 words
The longer it goes on, the more boundaries Henry and Jo cross

Flash Prompts
A series of short flash fics, from friendship through to established relationship. Some have mature ratings

Short Drabbles, Friendship/Pre-Ship
Hold My Hand 1 Undercover, Henry pretends Jo his fiancée [Humour]
Waiting Henry is critically injured and hospitalized [Whump]
Love + Under the Rain During the case involving Sean's death, Jo is having difficulty coping [Angst]
Seeking Solace Post 1x12, Henry still isn't coping well with fieldwork [Angst]
Safety First Jo wants Henry to learn how to use a gun, but he refuses [Angst]
Hold My Hand 2 After Clark Walker, Jo is there to hold Henry's hand [H/C]
Drive Jo tries to re-teach Henry how to drive [Humour]
Drowning Henry drowns in the very same spot where he’s reborn [Humour]
You Came Back Henry comes back a year after he fled New York without warning [Angst]
It's Okay to Cry Henry's recklessness keeps getting him injured [Angst]
You Don't Need to Protect Me Henry doesn't like it when Jo tries to save him [Angst]
Can I Kiss You? Henry asks Jo to kiss him - for a case [Fluff]
Henry's Obscure Collections Henry likes to nerd out to whomever will listen [Fluff]
Henry Catches Jo Crying Henry comforts Jo after a hard case [Angst]
The Conversation Abe doesn't interrupt Jo's confession in 1x20 [Angst]
I Need a Hug or an Orgasm Jo isn’t sure which Henry is offering [Fluff]
What Was That For? Kissing is the only way out of danger [Romance]
Falling Asleep On Each Other Henry and Jo, stuck in an elevator [Fluff]
Immortal Jo AU Mortal Henry discovers that Jo is immortal [Angst, AU]
How Long Have You Been Doing This To Yourself? Henry is working too hard [Angst]
Scars & Memories Henry sees Jo’s bullet scar again [Angst]
Potentialities Jo is nothing but potential [Introspection]

Established Relationship
History Repeating Tag A morning-after story [Fluff]
Kisses Henry will never forget kissing Jo [Introspection]
Friends With Benefits They don’t think about it too hard, and it works [Fluff]


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