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I stared writing these stories, which were initially Forever Knight, with Highlander being added to the mix a bit later, with a group of friends on IRC back in 1996. They were just for fun, and we never really thought about posting them. Somewhere along the way, we started sharing them with other friends, and one thing led to another, and they started being posted. We all had our own characters and we went in something of a round robin fashion. You had to let the others play with your characters, and deal with whatever happened to them in your next story (That's how Triona ended up as a hybrid vampire/immortal). Some of the pivotal ones, like the story introducing Methos to the series, or how Joe ended up a vampire, were never posted, but the incidents get referred to in following stories. I've done my best to try and organize some of the more dangling bits of canon in older stories, and clarify points in new stories.


The Star Trek Thing: How did we end up setting future stories in the ST universe? We were on IRC one night and someone wondered what would happen if a Borg tried to assimilate an Immortal. I'm not sure we ever settled on an answer to that question, but soon after I set a story during the WWIII period prior to First Contact, and just kept moving farther into the future. Many of the stories in the future don't even have ST characters, using the universe only as a framework.

I've only posted a few so far to AO3, but hope to get more of them archived in the future.


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