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Eighty years have passed since Roku's death, and the Avatar returns to the Fire Nation, born to Prince Ozai. Everything seems poised for the Fire Nation to take over the world, except for a few minor details, namely that Ozai has unknowingly banished and alienated his son, the Avatar. A retelling of the events of A:tLA, in which Zuko is the Avatar, Azula is his twin, and Aang is still the last Airbender.


This is a long, ongoing series (since 2016) with frequent breaks between chapters due to my hectic med student life and garden-variety depression. I try not to let them stretch past two months, but stuff happens. I am dedicated to finishing this series, though, and we're already in the final stretch of the second to last book (to say nothing of sequels). Potential trigger warnings are posted at the beginning of each chapter (mainly relevant for brave enough to die).

Series chronology:
1. save some face (you know you've only got one): Zuko's early childhood to adolescence, including shenanigans with Lu Ten, angsty separation, and tragic loss early in life. Complete.

2. time crawls on (when you're waiting for the song to start): covering Zuko's time spent meeting Aang and Toph and learning earthbending. Complete.

3. too cold to shiver: Meeting the water siblings, Zuko's waterbending training, and some old faces. Complete.

4. brave enough to die: Lu Ten at war. Guaranteed heartbreak. Complete.

5. blood in the breeze: Zuko's airbending and Azula and Lu Ten wandering around the Earth Kingdom in search of the truth. Ongoing.

6. As-yet-unwritten book containing events leading up to the grand finale, and a bunch of sibling reunions.

7. Notes on the Avatar Zuko Series: includes authorial notes on characterizations, chronology, alterations I have made to the Avatar canon, Chinese linguistics and cultural lessons, and other fun trivia. May be helpful to read if you are ever confused about anything.

8. Bellsong: short fluffy Zukaang interlude, set after chapter 8 of blood in the breeze.


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